Monaco Monaco Grand Prix
Monaco trackmap
Race information
Number of times held 7
First held Season 1
Last held Season 8
Most wins (drivers) no repeat winners
Most wins (constructors) Flag of the United Kingdom svg AMR (2)
Flag of the United Kingdom svg TNR (2)
Circuit length 3.340 km

The Monaco Grand Prix is a former event on the GPGSL calendar held on the streets of Monte Carlo. Having been a regular in early seasons of the championship, recent years has seen the track lose favour due to a lack of entertaining races.

No driver managed to achieve multiple wins at the famed circuit in its seven races.


Season Driver Constructor Location Report
1 Flag of Portugal.svg Monil Santilal Double F Monte Carlo
2 Flag of Argentina svg Jorge Caranti True North Racing
3 Flag of the Netherlands svg Ricardo van Smirren ItalianEnglish Dynamics
4 Slovenia Marko Aleksander Martini Paddock Racing
5 Flag of the Netherlands svg Nick van der Voort Aston Martin Racing Report
6 Flag of Australia svg Ed Greenhalgh Aston Martin Racing
8 Flag of Hungary svg Norbert Horváth True North Racing

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