Aerial picture of the current Zandvoort track.

Circuit Park Zandvoort has hosted the Dutch Grand Prix six times in the history of the GPGSL.


Zandvoort's first race was in Season 2. In Season 5, Zandvoort lost the hosting rights of the Dutch Grand Prix in favour of Assen due the amount of accidents in the Season 4 race. Zandvoort was even put on a blacklist and would supposedly never return on the calendar. Thanks to some necessary changes to the track, Zandvoort was given the green light to host the Dutch Grand Prix once again in Season 6. The race was run without any big accidents and returned to the calendar in Season 7. After a season off the calendar, it returned to host the Dutch Grand Prix in Season 9 and Season 10.


Event Season Driver Constructor Time Laps
2 Dutch Grand Prix Flag of the Netherlands svg Nick van der Voort Velox
3 Flag of the United Kingdom svg Ross Cartwright Lucky Seven Racing
4 Flag of the United Kingdom svg Philip Oakley Team Shadow
6 Flag of Australia svg Glen Sheppard True North Racing
7 Flag of Australia svg Glen Sheppard True North Racing
9 Flag of Australia svg Ed Greenhalgh Martini Paddock Racing
10 Flag of Uruguay.svg Carlos Rodríguez One Racing 31min 56.934s 24


  • Zandvoort is John Maverick's favourite circuit. This revelation was made at Monza where he was spotted with a "I <3 ZANDVOORT" t-shirt.

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